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Surviving the Holidays

The fear of holiday weight gain is real, although most of us don't gain much weight between Thanksgiving and New Year, but rather between the New Year and Thanksgiving.

If you have been serious about losing or maintaining your weight during the whole year, enjoying your Thanksgiving and Christmas Partys, will not add any extra pounds on the scale.

Here are some holiday eating tips guaranteed to help you avoid weight gain.

1|Stay active with your friends and family, and focus on quality time more than on food.

2|Make sure you hydrate properly. Drink a big glass of water before dinner is served.

3|Load your plate with salad, veggies, and meat before you go for the starchy and fatty options.

4|Eat dessert and enjoy every bite of it, without feeling guilty!

5|Set a 1-hour eating limit for yourself. That gives you plenty of time to enjoy the holiday meal. Stick with your plan, don't go back to stuff yourself.

6|Skip the Cocktails and Margaritas, they are calorie bombs, and the high amount of sugar will have you feel bloated the following day. Instead, have Gin or Vodka with Selzer, Lemon, and Ice, or simply enjoy (dry/brut) wine and champagne. For every glass of alcohol, have one glass of water.

7|Don't take home leftovers, but rather stick to your healthy eating routine the next day.

But most importantly,

enjoy, relax, fill your heart and soul with love, and just have the best holiday season ever!

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